Bar consultancy

As experienced bar consultants, Drinksfusion have the expertise to help catering businesses strengthen their product offering and service levels. Consequently, we’re able to help you generate a “cutting edge” and eventually more profitable brand. We consult bars and restaurants at a global level, offering especially innovative and creative input on key issues. Such areas include;

  • structural bar design
  • product portfolios and drinks listings,
  • cocktail design and production
  • menu design
  • matching food with drink
  • Service training programmes

Training and Recruitment

Drinksfusion conducts motivating training at all levels. From product knowledge, bar skills and cocktail making, to service procedures and customer satisfaction. We also construct and implement training programs and service manuals in many areas. Such fields include service standards, selling techniques, health and safety, and cleaning schedules. All of which are suitable for both new business and existing operators.

As a result of our position in the market, with constant interaction amongst the movers and shakers of the industry, we provide the necessary contacts and understanding for our client’s requirements. Consequently, such a depth of knowledge has helped us recruit the right people to strengthen your business at all levels.

We’ve also worked closely with our sister company London Sterling, ensuring the recruitment of exceptional staff with the necessary experience.

Product Selection

Drinksfusion has the connections and knowledge to source and work with new or existing distributors, brand agencies and suppliers.  As a result, we use depth of knowledge on issues regarding competitive pricing, listing fees, marketing budgets and product selection.

As consequence of our work with major brands in different venues, we are ideally placed to introduce your business to the main companies in the market. Some of the most noteworthy companies on our list include Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Moet Hennessy UK, Maxxium, Inspirit, First Drinks, and Bacardi Brown Foreman.

Most of all, our involvement at the cutting edge of the drinks industry leaves us equipped with the ability to advise on new boutique and niche brands entering the market. We can also advise on future trends, which allows you to individualise your offering. As a result of Drinksfusion’s long-standing associations with major distributors, we’re able to negotiate and discover what service best suit your requirements.

Consequently, we can combine these services with our ability to create bespoke cocktail menus, train staff, provide backup training manuals and implement roll out. In broader terms, we offer you a fantastic package.

Bar consultants & design

Our experience in working behind bars and in restaurants means Drinksfusion offers excellent advice on your operation’s layout and design. Frequent involvement in numerous start-up operations and refurbishment projects means we’re closely related to kitchen, bar and interior designers. As a result, we can advise on a range of issues.

Such issues include steel fabrication, dishwasher selection, positioning cooking ranges, till systems, chemical suppliers, glassware and shelf heights. All of these are sourced by Drinksfusion. This means that our clients can completely avoid remedial work, complications and control costs.

Brand Development

At Drinksfusion we work with boutique, high quality and authentic products; staying true to traditions and culture. We always use natural fruits and herbs rather than artificial flavourings. This has allowed us into bring new products and brands to the market, while helping develop existing ones; ensuring they reach their full potential.

In short, we consult for some of the most respected products in the industry through providing drinks and cocktail development, and supplying training to bars and restaurants.

Finally, for an example of our work as bar consultants, read about how Drinksfusion was taken on board to bring the iconic Funicular Building in Tbilisi, Georgia to life, and design the best cocktail bar in the region.