Dry January Tipple!

January 14, 2018 - 8:31 pm

A winter tipple for your dry January!

It’s January, and although the custom may be to keep away from indulging in the delights of fine food and drink, we at DrinksFusion have decided to go against the grain and shun all those new years resolutions to recommend a winter tipple for your dry January!

For a simple twist on the classic Manhattan Cocktail, we’re using an unaged brandy, also known as Eaux de Vie, made from the Chardonnay grape, produced by Villa Zarri as a base. To which we add Vermouth Rosso and a couple of drops of Fernet from Contratto. In order to add bit more flair and body, include a hint of Génépi golden alpine herbal liqueur from Dolin.

Stir it all over large pieces of ice to dilute before adding a sprig of bronze fennel, serve straight up and add some oils from the zest of an orange to finish it all off.
The result is a complex and full-bodied winter drink with an underlying tone of the spring to come, pronounced by the Chardonnay and Génépi.

It’s full of wonderful aromas of orange, sandalwood, cloves and alpine mountain herbs, perfect after a day in the ski slopes.