Bespoke Cocktails

First and foremost, the bespoke cocktails served at our events are meticulously crafted down to the finest detail. From the way the garnish twists in the glass, to the balance of flavours. Each element has been perfected, served alongside only the best customer service. Starting with a blank sheet and private consultation, we then begin the creative process.

Tastings ensure that you aren’t in for any surprises on the day of the event. You can always count on a member of our team to be available throughout the planning process. This ensures a flawless service with the perfect product delivered at all times.

We want to challenge ourselves and the art of drink making. We do this by working with some of the world’s finest spirits, wines, fruits, herbs and spices. Staying true to classic drinks, while working on contemporary and alternative ways to deliver the perfect serve.

Through our passion and expertise, we can design anything from elaborate bespoke cocktails to magical alcohol-free offerings, for the non-drinkers and youngsters.

Bespoke cocktails, a special touch!

Bespoke cocktails will add a special element of excitement to your wedding, birthday party or corporate event in a truly personal and delicious manner. Our drinks will welcome and entertain your guests, thus leaving them in awe of the fabulous cocktail service.

Drinksfusion is capable of delivering a bespoke cocktail service that reflects the union between bride and groom, corporate identity or birthday celebration in a mouth-wateringly unique fashion. Taking inspiration from you, a selection of personalised drinks are made in accordance with your original brief after a private consultation.


Your own bespoke blend

Custom-made, bespoke cocktails are a romantic symbol for couples to enjoy together at their wedding. That specially designed drink is always enjoyed years ahead of couple’s big day. Whether on their anniversary, or to simply celebrate their love for one another. A memento that couples take beyond their wedding.

Together with the client, we will design a bespoke blend stored in a beautifully designed bottle.  Guests can then take this away as a memory from the day. Our bartenders have a sophisticated understanding of wines and spirits. Together with their passion for good food and drinks, they are a customer-orientated group. Impeccably presented, professional and efficient; our staff will run a first class service to make a great impression on your guests. They have the charm and skill to serve up one incredible party, adding that memorable, original and delicious touch to a wedding or birthday celebration.


Equally, you may tailor your food and drinks offering to reflect an individual corporate identity for a product launch or press day. We create all of the drinks using some of the world’s best spirits, liqueurs and botanicals. In order to create top quality recipes that simultaneously taste as exquisite as they look, only the best will do. Juices, cordials, and syrups are therefore homemade using all natural ingredients.

We prepare each element fresh for the day of your event, since we are uncompromising with quality. We source seasonal ingredients that resonate with you, never taking shortcuts in creating an exceptional experience for your event.

In addition – if you’re ever in need of outstanding service staff – we work with London Sterling . Our sister company can provide a superior team of individuals for your event. All of which are hand-picked due to their high level of competence, motivation and demeanour. Perfect if you’re in need of confident, presentable and efficient waiting staff, or stunning hosts and hostesses to greet your guests.