With a loyal and expert team of London’s finest bartenders, Drinksfusion provides a cocktail service to those discerning clients who desire only the best in luxury drinks and service.

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What makes Drinksfusion unique is our ability to take an individual brief and creatively compose a menu of delicious and innovative drinks. All ingredients used are of the highest quality, while the service provided is strictly professional, stylish and welcoming. Focusing on bespoke events, Drinksfusion create and serve a range of tailor-made drinks for any clientele; from luxury fashion brands and museums, through to brides and grooms looking for a unique offering for their guests.

The making of Drinksfusion

The making of Drinksfusion lies with Johan Svensson. Since moving to London in 1998 from his native Sweden, Johan has used his unparalleled knowledge of fine wines and spirits to transform the way drinks are served within the events industry.

From washing pots in Sweden as a student, to working for The Savoy Group and Kensington Gardens Rooftop, Johan’s career excelled before designing a highly rated drinks menu for a famous members club in London. It was the year 2006 that finally saw Johan begin to use his extensive experience and knowledge to carve out a niche in the market, while spreading his passion for taste and flavour through Drinksfusion.

Johan is always on the hunt for rare and exciting ingredients to add to his arsenal and loves to enlighten people with fresh and interesting flavours. He believes that everyone should be able to find something to suit his or her palate, whilst tasting something new and authentic. Johan refuses to take any shortcuts in providing exceptional customer experience.

Today Drinksfusion has earned itself a reputation as a “leading drink design company, providing a service with style and personal touch”.